Our Philosophy of Swim Lessons:

Our philosophy of teaching is that EVERY child can learn how to swim. We teach water safety by building a loving, trusting, relationship with the children. Our instructors are keenly aware of each child's comfort zone. We are all consistent with our teaching. We teach skills that are essential for your child to be water safe and successful in swimming. Your child will be proud to show you what they learn after each visit, and we give you ways to practice and promote even greater learning in-between the lessons.

Benefits of Swim Lessons:

  1. Life Saving skills
  2. Great self-esteem and confidence builder!
  3. Excellent exercise
  4. Builds body coordination
  5. Essential skill for every child to learn
  6. Meet new friends
  7. Prepares for team sports

Swim Levels:

We teach with love & patience and believe that a bond needs to be created between the student and teacher to build trust. Once that is achieved our students soar! All skills will be taught at the students pace.

    Survival Swim Lessons for Babies 9 - 17 mos
  • Safe water entry/exit
  • Breath control
  • Unassisted back float
  • Roll from face down to back float
  • Shallow submersion & roll to back float
  • Crab walk around pool edge to steps (for walking students)
  • 8 - 10 weeks to master skills
    Survival Swim Lessons for Toddlers 18 mos 2 years
  • Safe water entry/exit
  • Breath control & eyes open underwater
  • Unassisted back float
  • Swim face down (similar to freestyle)
  • Roll from face down to back float
  • Swim-float-swim to steps & pool edge
  • Crab walk around pool edge to steps
  • Assisted jump into water & float
  • Beginning shallow water submersions & object retrieval
  • 8-10 weeks to master skills
    Level 1
  • Entering and exiting a pool safely
  • Jump to instructor and/or Jump into the pool with help
  • Blow Bubbles
  • Put Face in the Water
  • Introduction to Back Floats
  • Introduction to Kicking with a Kickboard
  • Introduction to kicking on top of the water while held
  • Introduction to going underwater with help
  • Monkey Walk
  • Introduction to jumping in, turning around & going back to wall.
    Level 2
  • Basic safety skills
  • Back Float on own
  • Jump in, roll to back, roll back to front and swim to wall
  • Introduction to Pushing off the Wall with Glide and Kick (Torpedo).
  • Introduction to swimming to the step with face in with help.
  • Kick with kickboard
  • Retrieve rings off bottom of pool
  • Introduction to swimming with flippers.
    Level 3
  • Torpedo while kicking and swimming 15-20 feet.
  • Introduction to big arms (freestyle-depending on age)
  • Swim across pool by rolling from front to back to breathe
  • Introduction to pop up breathing
  • Kick on back
  • Introduction to backstroke
  • Introduction to knee dives
  • Swimming with flippers
    Level 4
  • Stroke Refinement
  • Freestyle in proper form and breathing
  • Backstroke with proper form and breathing
  • Introduction to standing dives
  • Introduction to flip turns
  • Introduction to frog kick and dolphin kick
  • Introduction to treading water
    Level 5
  • Stroke Refinement
  • Butterfly with proper form
  • Breaststroke with proper form
  • Starts and flipturns
    Level 6
  • Swim Team readiness
  • Advanced work on all 4 strokes, flipturns and starting dives. Focus is on stamina, speed and technique.

FAQ and Rules & Information:

  1. The private swim lessons are 1:1 ratio (student/instructor) and last for 15 minutes.
  2. Our teaching approach is loving and firm. We are enthusiastic teachers and our goal is to provide a safe and trusting environment for our student(s).
  3. Tadpoles swim school provides fun and challenging lessons in hopes to promote water safety and self confidence. Swimming skills are taught in sequential order and include several elements: water adjustment, breath control/bubbles, buoyancy/floating, body position, kicking, big arms with combined movement and stroke work. Each element is introduced and practiced in various ways to achieve mastery of the skill. Repetition is critical until efficiency is achieved.
  4. The benefit of private and personalized instruction is invaluable to learning how to swim as opposed to “sharing” the instructor with a group of students. Each child will receive individual instruction at their particular level which will make them an educated and proficient swimmer in the end.
  5. Each session runs for 2 weeks Monday through Thursday (unless noted), and depending on your child’s progress, you can continue to enroll until they learn proficient swimming techniques.
  6. Children who are signed up for lessons are expected to attend every day. Lessons are payable in advance weekly. Please pay for lessons in CASH (not by check) each Monday.
    Non-refundable Registration fee: $30 per time slot
    $25 of the registration fee will apply toward the total session fee
    $5 of the registration fee covers administrative costs and will not apply toward the total session fee
    Session fee (per student): $210*
    includes eight 15 minute lessons taught M-Th for 2 weeks(available sessions)
    Please note: there is a 72 hour cancellation fee when lessons are cancelled after the registration fee is paid.
    The cancellation fee is 1/2 the cost of the lesson(s).

    If your child misses a lesson due to illness or for any other reason, you will still be held accountable for the entire week’s lesson.
  7. There is ONE make-up lesson allowed per session for ILLNESS only. Please call before you miss class and arrange your make-up with me.
  8. Please write the following information on your payment envelope.
    A. Your child’s name (first and last)
    B. The date of the session of which you are paying for
    C. Your full name and phone number
  9. Though we will make every effort to make sure you get the instructor you signed up for, please understand that in some instances we may need to substitute for another instructor. Thankfully, they are all great!
  10. During the first week of lessons your child may be reluctant to go into the pool or plea to get out of the pool. Please understand that this is normal. It is extremely helpful if you remain calm and supportive without interacting with your child. Sometimes it is best if the parent sits in the front yard while the lessons are in progress. That way I can concentrate better on the child and vice-versa.
  11. Boys and girls with long hair must have their hair tied up and out of the way.
  12. Swimming lessons will still be held on cold and rainy days. Class will be cancelled during stormy or lightning conditions. Please bring a warm change of clothes for your child.
  13. We keep are pool warm between 88-90 degrees so your child is comfortable for the lesson.
  14. Please understand that each child learns at a different rate. My goal is for each child to learn how to swim at the end of each session. Please note that it might take longer for beginners and especially for children who have a fear of water. It is best for the child if we continue to be patient and supportive throughout their learning experience. I’m a big believer in positive reinforcement!!
  15. Since we would love to keep teaching lessons, please remember to drive safely and park on the street when you get to the lessons (unfortunately, we have had complaints in the past).
  16. When you arrive in the backyard and if a lesson is in progress, please try to be quiet as to not disturb the lesson.
  17. If you bring food please remember to pick up trash before you leave.

We are certain you will have a positive experience with Tadpoles Swim School. If you have any specific questions about the program, please feel free to call.

Thank you for your cooperation and we'll see you at the pool!


    How many lifeguards are needed?
  • Depending on the age group of the swimmers at the party, and the expected head count, our director Mariela, will guide you on this. One lifeguard is usually sufficient for up to 15 swimmers of varying abilities.

    Do the lifeguards conduct entertainment activities?
  • Our lifeguards are all highly personable and intend to have the kids have a fun, safe experience in the pool. Their key job is watching the pool completely. If the lifeguard feels confident in the swimming skills of all the kids present, he or she can coordinate some relay races, sharks and minnows games, etc. but must maintain supervision from the deck for safety of all. If you are hiring two lifeguards, more flexibility in duties could be arranged with prior approval from our office.

  • For a party of 3 hours or less we charge a $165 flat fee. After 3 hours, each additional half hour is $20 (which is $40 per hour) per lifeguard. We take payment through this website to hold your date, see link at bottom to make your booking. In rare events, if you would need to cancel our services with less than 48 hours notice of the party date, we must charge our minimum billing which will be the amount equal to 50% of the booking. If canceling with more than 48 hour notice, we give a full refund. If you have a balance due at the end of the party you may pay it by check payable to Mariela Hayner or revisit our website to pay by credit card. Any tip you'd like to give after the party to the guards can be made in cash and received with thanks.

  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have been in business over 20 years, and so many parents have told us they were relieved to have us as dedicated, trained eyes watching the party. It’s the smartest insurance policy you could have for everyone present!

Terms of Service and Policy

Terms of Service and Policy outlines the term of service and our privacy policy which we take very seriously.
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